Sarah Stewart pieces are stylish, decorative, and spirited. The perfect balance between bohemian, classic, and contemporary, Sarah Stewart will bring together any look, with upscale appeal yet casual affordability. Hand printed textiles, silks, metals, grass, and leather goods take center stage in this diverse and growing product line.

Sarah called Indonesia home for half a decade when her children were young. She returned for a trip years later, and experienced an artistic reawakening. The picturesque beauty motivated Sarah to design her own fashion line, manufactured in Bali to support the local artisans, a community that has become dear to her.

A native Houstonian and graduate of St. John’s School and Vanderbilt University, Sarah Stewart continues to live and work in Houston. The inspiration for her products comes from worlds away, but every piece possesses hints of Southern flair.  

The Balinese artisans who work with Sarah are an integral part of the brand. From Ibu Rose, who heads the garment manufacturing, to Bapak Erik, who hand prints each design in a traditional Indonesian process, the Sarah Stewart brand would not be where it is today without them.